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Privacy policy

We understand that you are concerned about how we use information about you. We value your trust in our use of this information wisely and carefully.

This privacy policy describes as Nevoa d.o.o. collect and process your personal information through website, social network pages, and personal correspondence. By using our site, you agree to the practices described in the company's privacy policy.

Effective Date: 30 July 2022

What personal information does Nevoa d.o.o. collect?
We collect personal information about our customers in order to use it to improve our products and services.

Information you provide us:

We are collects and stores information such as: first and last name, company name, email, phone number, website, physical address.

Information from other resources:

We also receive publicly available information about our customers from other internet sources, these may be third party websites, social network pages and online stores.

What do we use your personal information for?
We use this information to improve the services and products we offer to our customers.

Communication with customers:

This information is used to communicate with customers through communication channels (e-mail, telecommunications and chat).

Use of data on the company's website:

The company uses data about our customers, such as: company name. We share this information so that our future customers know better who we work with and what products we develop.

What data do we share?
Personal information of our clients is an important part of the company, we do not sell or disclose this data. We share some information on the website described below.

On the site, you can find the following information:

Name of companies

Third-party service providers:

We share personal information with certain service providers who perform work on our behalf. All hired third party companies and individuals enter into legal agreements with us.

Changes to privacy policy
Nevoa d.o.o. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to add, modify and remove the privacy policy without notice. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policy for changes. We indicate at the top of the page the date it was last updated.

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