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We manufacture and test prototypes of future products, based on their results, appropriate adjustments are made to achieve quality indicators and eliminate problems in further production

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Nevoa provides a number of benefits for customers when using the company's services, you will receive not only high-quality design work, but also complete technical product documentation. In addition, we design and manufacture tools (molds and dies) and arrange the start of mass production
  • High-quality standards
  • Outstanding work velocity
  • The best solution in development
  • An experienced team
  • Quality assurance
  • Competitive pricing


Making a prototype

Prototypes allow you to evaluate the appearance of a future product, evaluate ease of use, build quality and make appropriate adjustments

Prototype testing

Helps to identify possible problems with the product and parts, check the build quality of the device and test the installation of all internal components

Test results recommendations

Upon completion of testing the prototype and identifying all the shortcomings of the product, we make appropriate changes to the appearance, internal elements and parts of the device to start mass production

PCB prototypes

Design and manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes in various formats for a range of products from medical and entertainment gadgets to devices used in industry
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You can contact us in: English, Russian and Serbian

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We are always ready to communicate with you through pages in social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, VKontakte

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We are provides services for the design and production of products, devices, and mechanisms for various fields of activity and life, medical products, devices for work and business, entertainment gadgets and devices for a comfortable life

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